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  1. How can I place an order?

    1. Text is the best way to place to an order @ 210-275-4186. Email is another option

    2. You can also message through Facebook or Instagram, but texting has the fastest response

  2. How much notice do I need to give to place an order?

    1. DeeVa Sweets requires minimum of 3 weeks for orders. For orders less than 1 week a rush fee of $25.00 will be charged.

  3. When can I pick up my order?

    1. All cake orders must be picked up no later than the time specified through text/email on Saturday or Sunday.

  4. Why must I pay a deposit?

    1. A deposit is required to reserve your event date and to purchase the supplies needed for your order.

  5. Is my deposit refundable?

    1. No. A deposit is non-refundable. Please refer to the cake contract @ for more info on refunds

  6. What if I forget to pay my deposit?

    1. Your invoice will be canceled the morning following the due date of your deposit, if left unpaid. A cancelation notification will be sent to you by email.

    2. DeeVa Sweets understands accidents happen; if the date you are requesting is still available, you will be ask to pay the deposit by the end of that day.

  7. Why was my invoice for deposit canceled?

    1. One reason your deposit could be canceled is for non-payment. All unpaid invoices will be canceled the next morning after its due date.

    2. The second reason your invoice may have been canceled is because the date you requested has been booked. All orders are first paid first booked. DeeVa Sweets wishes it could take every order but realistically cannot. An invoice does not guarantee a reserve date. Payment of your deposit does.

    3. The last reason your invoice was canceled was because of an error in your order. In this case DeeVa Sweets will send you a revised invoice

  8. Can I pay my deposit by cash?

    1. To pay a deposit by cash, you must pay  no later than 3 weeks before event date at the address of pick-up.

  9. Why is there a price difference in basic and specialty cakes?

    1. Specialty cakes require more ingredients such as fruits and nuts.

  10. I have to pick up my cake by 10am, will it be okay if my party is in the evening?

    1. This depends on the cake you order. Buttercream cakes can sit out until ready to be eaten. Whipped icing cakes must be refrigerated and left out no later than 4 hours during certain times of the year.

    2. Instructions will be given at time of placing your order or at time of pick-up

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