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DeeVa Sweet's Scavenger Hunt

Join the hunt around San Antonio on December 17, 2023 for a free cake!

The Hunt:

  • 4 items will be placed around San Antonio, TX to be found. 

  • Each location will be announced on December 17th on DeeVa Sweets' Instagram story. 

    • Start time is 12:00 pm

  • Location clues will be given leading up to the hunt. 

  • Items will include instructions on how to claim prize. 


Winners will each receive:

  • 1 freestyle cake to serve 20 (up to $220 value). 

    • Winner chooses theme/colors​

    • Final design will be decided by DeeVa Sweets. 

  • Choice of cake flavor and filling listed on the menu page chosen by winner.

  • Winner will select date in 2024 at least 3 weeks in advance.

  • Prizes must be picked up by the selected date and pickup window. Delivery is not available. 

Basic Rules:

  • Please be respectful during the event. Winners found to be discourteous, etc., will forfeit their prize. 

  • Winner must be willing to have their photo and first name announced on social media. 

  • Up to two items can be found by participants. 

  • Prizes cannot be used as credit towards a larger cake, and two prizes cannot be combined into one. 

  • All prizes are final and cannot be returned, refunded, or given credit for. 

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